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Typical Uses of Infrared Repair

Trip hazards, paving "cold" seams, isolated failures, catch basins, manhole repairs, bird baths, potholes, utility cuts, decorative imprints and thermoplastic markings.

Our versatile infrared asphalt recycler is designed for common occurring asphalt problems - repair improper seams, sunken utility cuts, lower elevated or buckled surfaces, refinish manholes, potholes or other broken areas.

The penetrating infrared rays of our recycler quickly soften the existing asphalt without burning. Typically the top 1 1/2" to 2" of asphalt is ready for raking within 7 - 10 minutes.

  • Remove low spots, lower high spots, repair catch basins
  • Eliminate potholes, remove oil spots
  • Correct asphalt imperfections & alligator cracking
  • Thermoplastic installation
  • Printing Asphalt

Once softened and scarified, hot mix is added to bring the recycled area back to proper grade.

Compacting produces a permanent hot patch level with the existing asphalt. Water seepage is eliminated because the repair is seamless.

The procedure described can be used to repair large areas by sequentially moving the infrared heater over the damaged area.